Mark Sephton – Author and Coach

Monday morning arrives and the first thing I like to start the day off with (that’s first things first in the office) is check the emails. Whilst doing this I came across a book launch invitation from Mark Sephton…WOW! What next I thought? Maybe world domination? I don’t know, but I have known Mark since I started presenting a show with Coventry local station, Radio Plus and he is definitely passionate about business and life! He’s one of those people who just carry around a bag of motivational quotes in his mind and you leave his presence thinking, maybe I ought to be more motivated and get stuff done. You need people like this in your life. So we asked Mark a couple of questions surrounding his book to encourage you creative writers to get planning and get that book you have always wanted to write OUT OF YOU!

1. So what is your main passion and when did you decide you wanted to write a book?
That’s a great question, my main passion is to influence as many people as I can for good, to get inside peoples heads and encourage them to become all that they desire to be. If we want our lives to change for the better, we must change the way we think, the way we act and the way we behave. In order for our external circumstances to change, we must be the author of the inside of our unique and powerful framework to grow beyond our current boundaries of knowledge and understanding. I have harboured a desire to write a book over the last 2 years and it was time to put that thought into action which is the premise of this book, create thoughts and then act on them.

2. In the work that you do, do you have to be quite self-motivated and what is your favourite inspirational quote?
The key to any great business and true fulfilment in life is doing what you love. I love entrepreneurship and I love helping people become themselves but better. I love the variety of entrepreneurs I work with, each at a different stage and often in a different industry, some are innovators, others creatives, some have products and some have services. I am totally motivated working with such trailblazing entrepreneurs all over the world, the great thing is, I learn from them also, their drive, desire and imagination is fascinating. Getting out of bed is an exciting prospect with all the amazing opportunities which lay at your feet. People who know me well will know I love my quotes. I have a couple “be you, everyone else is taken” and “if you don’t change direction you end up where you are now”.

3. What is the best way for aspiring authors to get started with planning to write a book?
The key is to START, I decided on Jan 1st 2014 that I would write every day Monday to Friday for 30 minutes, six months later I had a book at my finger tips, I believe each of us have a story to tell, people have different approaches, some hire  a book coach, you must find out what works for you and then get to work.

4. Who inspires you as a writer and coach?
Another great question. At the age of 24 I had only ever read one book from front to back and then someone told me that successful people read, so I started reading. Its true success does leave clues. I love reading John Maxwell’s books on leadership and Dani Johnson too, they are both great coaches to a vast amount of people. It seems common place for coaches and writers to write books, they are sharing their story and expertise every day of their lives, why not make that knowledge more accessible through writing a book and impacting on a larger community,

5. Do you enjoy travelling and where would you like to go next?
One of the quotes in the book is “Breaks lead to breakthrough” I am a huge advocate for taking time out, refocus and reenergise yourself, it helps you tap into your creative genius. I recently spent a month in the USA travelling a little around the great lakes. Discovering different cultures and worlds really helps open your eyes. When I was 18 I helped open an orphanage in Brazil. Often I find when I travel physically it speaks to me of an internal journey too, understanding and appreciating how others live and operate can be usually profound. I would love to travel to Bora Bora next, it looks incredibly beautiful, I don’t know many people who have vacated this island. I like going where others haven’t or at least very few.

6. What advice would you give to any creatives out there who are thinking of going self-employed?
Your business, product or service needs to solve a problem. If it doesn’t you are going to struggle. I have found that people have bought from me due to my enthusiasm, however that alone is not going to help expand and sustain your business though it will certainly help. You must find what you love, find a way to express it and surround yourself with people who believe in you and know how to get your product or services out there. You could be the greatest artist to have walked the earth but unless you know how to market, showcase and sell your art and brand you are going to find it difficult.

7. We have heard you have a book launch coming up soon? Where and when is this and how can our readers get involved?
‘Inside Job’ (title of my book) launches on November 20th and will be available on Amazon and some local book stores. I have organised a launch at 10am-11:30am at Costa coffee inside Next (retail store) at the Ricoh Arena Park in Coventry where I shall be reading a chapter of my book, signing copies and having pictures taken. It would be a great honour for readers to leave a review on Amazon and follow @insidejob2014 on twitter. For more information about ‘Inside Job’ check out this youtube video.

8. What do you do in your spare time?
Incredibly I don’t often struggle to switch off, I think it’s vital we take time to release our frustrations and also our creative side. I love to keep active, I play a number of different sports which are a great framework for socialising as well as raising my heart rate and keeping me healthy. I love to eat out at fancy restaurants, spending time with family and my beautiful kids.

9. Where can our readers find you online?
I am a huge fan of twitter, my handle is @sephtonmark I also produce weekly Youtube video’s to inspire and educate ( My website is and additional links to further social media platforms can be found from this site.

“Mark Sephton is the United Kingdom’s first personal mentor to entrepreneurs. His mission to help others has seen him break into global markets while working with startups and millionaire entrepreneurs around the world. Mark began his professional journey while working in the hospitality industry, where he served for 12 years. Mark’s love for personal development and self improvement took him on a series of life discoveries, during which time he took on many business and leadership courses and received a life coaching diploma. Mark has drilled down to the essence of these experiences and  created a business to help draw out the magnificent potential of each and every client. Through his enthusiasm and remarkable communicative ability, Mark has spoken on countless business stages, where he has shared his story, motivated attendees and promoted entrepreneurship.”



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