Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m originally from South Africa. I love the simple things in life such as art, music, travelling, spending time with friends and family, but most of all, contributing creatively to the society I live in. Currently I am a part-time Photographer and Employment coach who dreams of becoming a  freelance self-employed artist or photographer.

My passion is to meet other creatives and see people flourish in their natural abilities, whether that be art, fashion, beauty, photography, design, music or craft and this is why I have created this platform as a way of contributing to those I admire for taking the risk to step out and do just that.

The Creative Crowd is a medium for creative’s in all different industries to be inspired, admired, praised and acknowledged. It’s a place where we can network and collaborate and see beautiful projects spring out of our natural gifts and talents.

I hope that you enjoy reading through the interviews and if you are just starting at something, keep pursuing it and don’t ever give up – no matter what anyone else says. You can do anything you put your mind and heart to.

Love Lisa Jane X

Photo: We Are Vintage Photography

Photo: We Are Vintage Photography


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