Creative Pick of the week


This is a very new feature to the blog we are excited to share with YOU today!
Every 2 weeks when we are not interviewing, we will be picking out our favourite creative of the week! This could be local or international – but if you feel you would like to nominate someone – feel free to email us their name/website and blog!

This weeks Creative Pick is Owner, Maker and Designer Amanda Weiss all the way from Olympia, WA, United States. She creates quirky cushions for the home + modern heirlooms for children which are too cute for the eyes to handle and each item is individually designed, handcrafted from wool + linen. I love how untraditional yet simple her work is! Massive congratulations for the inspiration! You are our CREATIVE PICK of the week!

Here is a little bio from their blog which explains what they do and how Three Bad Seeds was born. (links below).

”We make pillows that evoke warmth and happiness. Our work is enjoyed by those who wish to bring the outdoors in. We are able to capture both a sweetness and sophistication with our modern designs and quality materials. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, as it is cut and assembled by hand with materials found locally. Each will find a special place in the home to become functional piece of art. Our handcrafted goods allow others to hug a buffalo, hold a mountain range in their arms and keep a grove of evergreens on their couch.

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Three Bad Seeds is a family adventure founded in 2009 by Amanda Weiss with the help of her husband Joshua and Marley, their daughter. Marley became interested in creating her own animals and the family began small projects based on original drawings created by each family member. Amanda’s doodles became more prolific and her handiwork began to garner attention. While living in South Carolina, Amanda saw an opportunity to work with amazing wool fibers cast off to the thrift store dollar rack. She created a small collection to display at local markets and Three Bad Seeds was born. The family currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where Amanda keeps a studio in downtown Olympia, Washington. She is able to utilize remnants from a nearby Pendleton Woolen Mill to incorporate quality, US made woolens into her work. Amanda is inspired by the beauty of nature and is an animal lover to the core.”

If you want to purchase any of the items or follow the journey of Amanda and her family, please email or follow the links below!